Minor Office Surgeries

At Rettig Family Health Care we do more than just check-ups. We can perform minor office surgeries for our patients right in our clinic.

Below are some of the minor office surgeries we perform on a regular basis in our clinic:

• Allergy shots (serum must be provided by your allergist)
• Aspiration/incision of abscesses or cysts
• Biopsy of skin lesions & moles
• Burn treatment
• Care for minor emergencies, lacerations, sprains, insect stings & burns
• Castings & Splints
• Cryotherapy
• Cyst removal
• Destruction of skin lesions
• EKG testing & interpretation
• Excision of moles for cosmetic or medical reasons
• Ingrown toenail surgery
• Injection of medication
• Injection of joints & joint aspiration
• Irrigation of ear wax
• Removal of foreign bodies from ear, nose or skin
• Skin biopsies & removal of skin lesions, cysts and lipomas
• Skin cancer surgery
• Shaving of corns or calluses
• Spirometry
• TB testing
• Vaccine administration
• Venipuncture blood testing
• Wound repair (stitches)