Services And Procedures

Rettig Family Health Care is a modern, full-service medical care facility. We continuously strive to bring the finest possible medical care to our patients. We offer the most comprehensive, state-of-the-art therapeutic and diagnostic services available in this area. Our office includes facilities for the treatment of minor emergencies and injuries, as well as minor surgical procedures.

Rettig Family Health Care is a trusted source of health care and information that is open to anyone. We want to be your medical home, offering primary care, mental health and chronic disease management care all under one roof. Our goal is to keep you and your family healthy and strong.

To better serve our patients, Rettig Family Health Care offers full-service family medicine from infants to geriatrics.

Some of the services that we offer include:

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Hospital Care

We are here when you need us, whether in our office, your home or a hospital. We are credentialed to service our patients in various hospitals, so when you need us the most, we are there. Be sure to ask your physician or a Rettig Family Health Care staff member more about this service to learn more.

cardiac stress

Nursing Home Care

Many nursing home staff suffer from a lack of onsite physicians for evaluating acute medical conditions of their residents. Additionally, many of nursing homes are frequently operating with a minimal number of licensed nursing staff based on state and federal regulations. Even worse is that a very large number of these licensed nurses have minimal experience and skills at performing acute clinical evaluations of patients and a bulk of their time is taken up by supervisory matters such as monitoring care plans, documenting charts and other paper trail maintenance which is important to regulatory agencies and top priority to the facilities’ administrations.

Rettig Family Health Care can provide a physician to monitor yours or your loved ones progress while they are at their nursing home. This ensures the best medical care and the most comfort.

cardiac stress

Hemorrhoid Treatment

Hemorrhoids are a fairly common condition. Many Americans, men and women alike, have them and may not even notice. But when a hemorrhoid swells and causes problems, you’ll notice. Roughly 50% of folks with hemorrhoids will bleed, experience pain, or exhibit other symptoms by the time they turn 50. And women may get them during pregnancy.
What Are Hemorrhoids?
There are groups of veins in and around your anus and lower rectum that stretch when pressured. When those groups of veins swell or bulge, they’re called hemorrhoids. You can get them inside or just on the edge on the outside of your anus. They’re usually not serious, but they can be unpleasant.
What Causes Hemorrhoids?
Folks are more likely to get hemorrhoids if they spend a lot of time on the toilet. Unusual heavy lifting can also be to blame. Hemorrhoids are more common as you get older and when you’re overweight or pregnant. If your parents had them, you may get them, too.
One of the most common signs of hemorrhoids is painless bleeding from around or inside your anus when you go to the bathroom. You might notice a little blood on the toilet paper or in the bowl. Your bottom may itch, hurt, or have tiny bulges around your anus.
Hemorrhoids may not be the only reason for these symptoms. Always consult with Dr. Rettig and his staff before self treatment.

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